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This is really sweet


So for my AP United States History class we have to write a research paper; my topic is the gay rights movement in America. Today I began reading one of the books that I chose as a sourceimage

And I opened it up to the dedication page and found this


And if you don’t think that’s one of the sweetest and most romantic things ever then get out of my face

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“ On the morning of October 3, 1991, I woke to the sound of people shouting, “Susan kills babies!” outside our bedroom window. “Susan kills babies!” I heard again. Must be a nightmare, I thought. I’m home. I am not at work. I am in my bed, right next to Randy. But I was awake. I was in my own bed. This was real. ”

This Common Secret, Susan Wicklund

I remember seeing a video OneThirdGone posted about her group protesting outside a doctor’s home. I rolled my eyes at it and thought of how irritating they were. But after reading about the struggles of Dr. Wicklund and all the harassment she’s endured (and I’m not even halfway through the book yet), anti-choice protestors now make me physically sick.

They barricaded Dr. Wicklund’s home - they brought a mobile home and parked it in front of her driveway, and giant cement-filled barrels blocked the entrance. They stalked her daughter at her school, they posted “Wanted” signs all over their town. They made it nearly impossible for her family to leave their home.

If you think clinic protestors are okay, then I’m going to need you to do some rethinking.

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These are gold.

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“ 6 keys to a great relationship:
- friendship
- freedom
- honesty
- trust
- understanding
- communication ”

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You forgot sex.

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you think you’re a better kisser than me??? you think you’re a better cuddler? come over here and prove it punk

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April 1, 2014

Just told my dad I want to work at an abortion clinic.

Happy to announce that it was sufficiently less awkward than expected.

*thumbs up*

April 1, 2014

I’m giving up sex for lent.

Haha WHAT just kidding. Happy April Fools Day, bitches.

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This was in one of the dorms at my school. NO.

This was in one of the dorms at my school. NO.